Apply for Devices

We do not give computers directly to individuals. We are required to go through recognized and trusted organizations.

We have a much larger supply of desktops/towers than we do of laptop units. We strongly recommend you apply for desktop/tower units. Though we are receiving increasing numbers of laptops, demand considerably exceeds supply, which results in longer wait times for laptop units.

Nous avons beaucoup plus d'ordinateurs de bureau et de tours que d'ordinateurs portatifs. Nous vous recommandons vivement de demander des ordinateurs de bureau ou des tours. Bien que nous recevions de plus en plus d'ordinateurs portatifs, la demande dépasse largement l'offre, ce qui entraîne des délais d'attente considérables pour les ordinateurs portatifs.

What is Available

Desktops Intel i series & AMD FX 4000+ complete systems with RAM, HDD, etc.
Laptops Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel i series & AMD A4+ complete with WiFi Adapter, A/C adapter, RAM, HDD, etc.
Hard Drive Minimum 160Gb Sata 1/2/3
Displays 19"+ 4:3 or widescreen LCD/LED displays
Printers HP & Lexmark laser networked printers
Misc USB keyboards and optical mice