Who Are We

We have registered refurbisher shops in Edmonton, Calgary and Brocket. Alberta Computers for Schools receives financial support from Innovations, Science and Ecconomic Development Canada(ISED). We receive, refurbish and redistribute computers to schools across Alberta – free of charge! Since our beginnings in 1994 ACFS has distributed more than 200,000 computers primarily to K-12 schools across Alberta. In 2015 alone we distributed some 10,000 computers. We are a registered not for profit association under the Alberta Societies Act.

We are more than a provider of thousands of free computers to schools across Alberta. We are a recipient of large numbers of surplus computers from all Government of Alberta departments. As the sole disposal authority for the Government of Alberta , Service Alberta directs eligible surplus computers to ACFS. We have an excellent working relationship with the Government of Alberta. This leadership and support makes it possible for us to receive, refurbish and redistribute computers and associated equipment to schools, not for profit organizations all across Alberta. Approximately 50 percent of the computers we receive come to us from the Government of Alberta and its various departments. We also receive computers from several Federal government agencies and departments and major corporate donors including Telus, ATCO and Imperial Oil.

Do We Make a Difference

We extend the useful life of thousands of computers and help to reduce environmental footprint of the governments of Alberta and Canada. In the 2013 calendar year alone we shipped in excess of 300,000 pounds of computers and associated equipment for recycling. Our work means that some 450,000 pounds of additional material is diverted from the recycling stream each year. We work only with registered recycling companies and partners.

We have a significant economic impact that is beneficial to both the GoA and our school recipients, saving Alberta’s K-12 schools millions of dollars by providing equipment free of charge.

The current service delivery model of ACFS offers governments, businesses and individuals an efficient and cost-effective way to extend the life of thousands of eligible computers. Recipients tell us the computers we provide help to ensure all students have equity of access to teaching and learning opportunities and play an important role in helping to achieve success for their students. ACFS also provides refurbished computers to other not for profit organizations and a host of other Albertans who for a variety of reasons do not have ready and reliable access to a computer. For these people ACFS provides an important tool that enables them to connect and enhance their lives.

Working in partnership with community based organizations, not for profit associations and Alberta government departments we provide computers and printers to low income families to enable their children to access learning opportunities that would not otherwise be available to them

We are an effective model of cooperation between various Alberta Government departments and the Federal Government and the private sector.

Board of Directors

Cope, Kari

ex officio

Executive Director

Alberta Computers for Schools

Plecash, Ross

Board Chair

Engineering Governance Manager

Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

O’Neil, Kevin


Senior Consultant

Stantec Consulting

Anderson, Kerry

Secretary - Treasurer

Library Consultant

Alberta Municipal Affairs

Wittchen, Ed

Jones, Garrett

Account Manager

Unified Computing Systems

Cisco Systems – Alberta

Allan, Gregor

Senior Account Manager


Ginther, Don

Manager I.T Services

First Nations (Alberta) Technology Services

Sharma, Amit

Director, Information Services – Internal IT


Voytechek, Jason

Director, Surplus Sales and Warehousing

Service Alberta